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About Us

Founded in 2011, BioTag represents and distributes leading brand products and services from around the world. We support many fields of Israeli industry in a wide variety of applications.

BioTag has a highly professional staff in sales, supply chain management, technical support and finance. With over 10 years of experience in sales, logistics and technical support in the Israeli market. As we continue to grow, we are in constant search of excellent, highly motivated individuals to join our team.

The products represented by BioTag are involved in almost every aspect of Israeli Life Sciences Community. We supply many diverse clients such as pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, biotech industries, private laboratories and more.

We supply materials for cell culture, protein engineering and purification, molecular biology, signal transduction, cell biology, buffers & solutions, immunoassay kits, as well as a variety of other products.
BioTag supports companies and research institutions from the start-up point.
These days we are involved in an initiative to open a sales office in Europe to serve the European life sciences community.

The goal of the company is to bring to the life sciences community high quality products with high availability and competitive pricing.


Customer Testimonials

We are working with BioTAG for 5 years and we developed a great partnership with their CEO and  the sales team.

Their dedication is remarkable. We know that they’ll deliver exactly what we need, on time and in the best condition.

We see BioTAG as a very important part of our research projects.

Prof. Izhak Haviv

Cancer Research

Bar-Ilan Faculty of Medicine


We are working with BioTAG for almost 2 years.

When it comes to deliveries for our projects, BioTAG is our choise.

They are reliable, and accountable for our shipments, deliver on time and great quality.

Even when it becomes an urgent we know that BioTAG will be able to deliver on time and offer a very good price.

Oren Ziv, PhD

Lab manager, Dr. Omry Koren’s lab,
The Faculty of Medicine, Bar-Ilan University


We are working with BioTAG for 5 years and we developed a very good work relationship with BioTAG team.

They are reliable, responsive and always finds the best price for us.

We know that BioTAG will deliver on time and in the best condition.

The fact that the materials are delivered by the team, makes them visible to us and we know that we always count on them.

BioTAG is the first chose for us when we need to order materials for our projects.

Zahava Vadasz, MD, PhD

Clinical Immunology and Allergy

Director of the FACS Diagnostic Laboratory and Molecular Genetics in Hematology

Bnei Zion Medical Center, Haifa, Israel


I’m working with BioTAG for 6 years and what I liked the most is that they made it so simple.

All I need is to contact an ask for a specific material.

All the rest is done by their professional team, including shipping to my doorstep.

Thank you, BioTAG.

Jakob Shimshoni, PhD

Volcani Institute – Agriculture Research Organization

State of Israel